UCMobile v7.2.2.63 Beta (Alpha2) S60v5 OS9.4

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UCMobile is excellent as the Science and Technology (UC Mobile company based handheld devices for mobile phones,to the open source Webkit browser build high-performance core based mobile browser. UCMobile support a variety of JavaScript and CSS effects,compared to an ordinary cell phone browser,to provide more excellent results page to restore access to the nearest desktop browser-level browsing experience. So you can enjoy wireless internet access anywhere,anytime,the Internet in their pocket!

Feature List :

* 1) The use of advanced data compression techniques,faster and more economical flow,and the reduction effect of the same page.

* 2) Supports a variety of different patterns, to meet the individual needs of browsing.

* 3) Support multi-window and full-screen browsing,the Internet is more arbitrary.

* 4) Built-in powerful data download function, support.multi-task to download,HTTP and other functions.

* 5) Provide professional services of personal data,such as network hard drives,web bookmarks, e-mail management services.

* 6) Support Lossless full page zoom, the most suitable for you at any time to adjust the page display ratio.

* 7) Full support cmwap,cmnet, WIFI Internet access,etc., are free to switch the network access methods.

* 8) Built several beautiful themes can be chosen at random according to their preferences.

* 9) Other functions to be you to further explore, to try might be pleasantly surprised.

UCMobile v7.2.2.63 Beta (Alpha2) new features and Optimization:
1. Add background light delay feature
2. Add to adapt to the screen, the new program screen forward and backward functions (touch screen version)
3. Handset system memory, the browser will pop up to know
4. Add the current URL via SMS features to share fun time with your friends pages, symiban platform supports sending URL, page title is automatically added
5. Drag the scroll bar that can be added
6. Added a View page encoding
7. Support the use of a hard keyboard input (S60V5, ppc phone with full keyboard)
8. Optimized networking capabilities and reduce the probability of network errors
9. Optimizes fit the screen, suitable for scaling the layout screen
10. To improve the accuracy of the focus of search page to facilitate users to find page elements
11. Optimizes the memory footprint and speed of response procedures
12. Optimizes the program screen function (touch screen version)
13. System settings, and history, start menu automatically folding top, the options easier to find
14. On the part of the user interface is optimized to increase the animation
15. Optimizes the "free copy" function makes the operation easier
16. Optimizes the bookmark and history management interface display

UCMobile v7.2.2.63 Beta (Alpha2) some known issues:
1, part of the deal to be javascript page optimization, the efficiency of slow (for example, than to open web start network cards)
2, the plug-in function is not perfect. Open plug-in, the page flash part of the show abnormalities more easily collapse
3, some pages still exist the phenomenon of suspended animation

UCMobile v7.2.2.63 Beta (Alpha2) fix bug:
1, set the system default input method for the strokes, the default is always to enter the Chinese phonetic information
2, access to the phone Jing Wu Tang QQ home page shows incomplete
3, Samsung i8910, the menu Tools panel display abnormal, the menu become transparent
4, the installation just download the application and returned to enter the URL box, the cursor is lost
5, w.qq.com landing page, enter the password when the program will die card
6, Vodafone Mobile Forum OPDA ??? – OPDA.NET.CN landing, the page can not automatically jump
7, input in the input box, press the guide line about the control key is not written down the line box, but to control the mobile web
8, in Huitie or edit postings, the cursor can not move around
9, one by one to delete bookmarks sometimes quits
10, open the Home link in the process, there will be a regional bottom of the page does not refresh properly
11, open transit, download a file generated file name garbled
12, the link open in the background, current window will appear blank flip operation
13, open a new window, new window’s contents remain in the previous window
14, switch back to the home page from a bookmark, blank page will appear briefly
15, Amazon’s mobile site can not enter the user name input field
16, directly connected, the car network 坐车网-åŒ—äº¬ã€å¹¿å·žã€ä¸Šæµ ã€æ·±åœ³ç*‰åŸŽå¸‚å…¬äº ¤æŸ ¥è¯¢ï¼Œæ—…è¡Œçº¿è·¯æ™¯ç ¹äº¤é€šæŸ¥è¯¢ï¼Œæ–¹ä¾¿ç š„æ —…游行程指南 parse errors
17, full-screen mode, the page is loaded, the progress bar and translucent icons overlapping flashes
18, switch back, open the other software to do cross-screen operation, UCMobile to the foreground, the window shift.
19, ICBC mobile banking login enter the password and verification code prompt "password and verification code can not be null" not normal landing
20, shared information network ishare.iask.sina.com.cn Chinese documents downloaded, the file name garbled
22, full-screen mode automatically when you exit the horizontal screen
23, 5800 individual machine, into the input box can not be called out after the input interface
24, the starting point of the novel lacks the body of the Chinese network
25, in the bookmarks of the second directory, delete all bookmarks, back home, re-enter the bookmark, the program exits.
26, QQ space can not get the picture
27, edit bookmarks, focus on the "Name" and "URL" column of alternating the two, the input box will be flashing
28, part of the page text will appear shaved tail case
29, UC import browser bookmarks, directory structure is changed
30, load the Reuters site, UCMobile stability stuck

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